Executives Still Relying on Gut, Not Gigabytes in Planning for Future

  At Corinium’s recent CDAO Melbourne event, we were thrilled to have on board John Studley, Lead Partner for Data and Analytics and Danielle Malone, Director for Insight Analytics at PwC. We caught up with them at the conference to find out more about the intriguing figures announced in their recent report, ‘Big Decisions.’ The… Read more.

The Data Analytics Disconnect and How to Avoid It!

  Despite the professed benefits, there remains a real uncertainty around how to leverage the technology and ecosystem to achieve business value from big data analytics. Many stakeholders understand the urgency around analytics for the strategic success and competitive edge of their organisation, but fail to understand how to extract significant value from data. We… Read more.

Culture – the Biggest Hurdle to Getting Payoff from Big Data and Analytics?

  Big data and analytics have gained centre stage recognition as being a powerful tool for competitive advantage. Insights gleaned from data are being leveraged ingeniously across the globe. To add to this, the ease and speed with which organisations can leverage analytics for competitive advantage has increased enormously with the birth of machine learning…. Read more.

How to Put Data at the Heart of Everything We Do

  Ahead of Corinium’s CDAO Melbourne event, we spoke with keynote speaker Darren Abbruzzese, General Manager, Technology Data, at ANZ to find out more about their group data transformation program. We also gauged his views on data as a tool for competitive advantage, its importance in the financial services industry and the role of the… Read more.

Data Governance and Quality: Why a ‘Big Bang’ Approach Will Not Work

  Data governance and data quality are at the forefront of the Chief Data Officer’s mind. Poor data quality is one of those perpetual issues that can cause tremendous business pain. The symptoms are common: complaining of bad decisions made based on missing information, costs of duplicate information, penalties for not meeting compliance obligations, lost… Read more.

The Role Of Chief Data Officers in a World Of Data Utopia

  Utopia is defined as “an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.” However, perfection is  rather illusive and frivolous concept. What is important is the very concept which is ultimately what you hope to achieve with one of your organisation’s greatest assets. Close your eyes, and imagine a place where… Read more.

My First 90 Days as Chief Data Officer

  Ahead of Corinum’s Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Sydney conference in March 2017, we caught up with Mark Hunter, Chief Data Officer of Sainsbury’s Bank (UK). It was great to get a snapshot of Mark’ s experience in his new role and the similar challenges faced by data and analytics professionals in Australia and … Read more.

5 Ways to Start Your Data Governance Framework Right

  Chief Data Officer at UNSW, Kate Carruthers, shares her top tips ‪for getting started with data and information governance‬.‬ Corinium: We are looking forward to hearing from you at the CDAO Sydney event speaking on your data governance journey at UNSW. Establishing a data governance framework is inevitably challenging, what are the key cornerstones… Read more.