Pre Conference Day – AI for Enterprise


09:15- 09:25

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Chandler T Wilson
Director of Analytics and Insights for Corporate Affairs - Walmart USA

09:50- 10:15

Data Dialog Session: Starting Points and Considerations to Propel your AI

Identifying the advantages and common pitfalls of AI. Keeping AI core to your strategy and business model. Understanding the due diligence required for these new tools: the new era for quality assurance.

Dan Smith
Director of Human Centred Design - Westpac

12:05- 12:30

Keynote Address: Supporting New Business Models- Doing Business with Bots and A Digital Workforce

Adapting business models to embrace a digital workforce. Understanding how intelligent automa3on can enhancing the human workforce. Preparing now for the future: training and change management considerations. Latest developments.

Agustinus Nalwan
AI & Machine Learning Technical Lead -