Pre Conference Day – Data Governance


09:50- 10:10

Data Dialog Session: Building on Strong Foundations- Delivering an Organisation-Wide Data Governance Framework

What are the key considerations around implementing policies, standards, and education to ensure that your Data Quality remains high and compliant? How do you keep Data Governance relevant and engaging for all so it remains high on the agenda? Data Governance as the critical enabler? How do you package your data for use across the business?… Read more.

Michelle Pinheiro
Head of Enterprise Data Governance - ANZ Bank

12:05- 12:30

Keynote Address: Instilling a Culture for Data Governance & Data Quality

We all know the common pitfalls of bad data quality and the cost to the company. In this session Miguel outlines how in his role as Chief Data Officer, he instills a data-driven culture by supporting people, culture and projects across the group. He shares how by collecting data with a purpose and improving data… Read more.

Miguel Jesus
Chief Data Officer - Narta

13:30- 13:55

Keynote Presentation: Data Privacy, Protection and Principles 

How effective can protections around data be? How legally binding are they? Tackling the inherent tension between open data and privacy. How should data ethics inform your policy?

Dr Ian Oppermann
NSW Chief Data Scientist and CEO - NSW Data Analytics Centre

13:55- 14:20

Presentation: Changing the Data Governance Landscape

Glen Ryman
Glen Ryman
Data & Analytics Leader

14:20- 14:45

Keynote Address: Implementing Information Management Over the Data Lake

Karen Halligan
Head of Technology Information Management Centre of Excellence - AMP