Main Day 1


09:00- 09:25

International Keynote: How Architectures Need to Evolve in Order to Leverage New Innovations in Analytics

Are you struggling to build a data platform that is adaptive to change? You are not alone. In this session, Mark addresses why many production data platforms were built to support a static set of requirements, and how companies should go about addressing this problem. Where are we now – industry trends and benchmarks. Examining the… Read more.


09:25- 10:00

C-Suite Keynote Panel: Navigating the Data Analytics Enabled Reality

To gather enough momentum to deliver truly exceptional results that create competitive advantage, present new business opportunities and deliver effective CX, strong data-centric leaders are required to spearhead a data analytics enabled organisation. This session highlights effective strategies of such leaders: Design and deliver: How to drive data-centric transformation of the businesses. Communicate: Strategies to… Read more.

Kyle Evans
Chief Data & Analytics Officer - CoreLogic RP Data
Sanjeev Gupta
Chief Information Officer - HCF Australia

10:00- 10:25

Practical Artificial Intelligence

Making better and faster decisions requires a mix of mind versus machine. In this session, Matt Kuperholz will share lessons learnt from applying artificial intelligence to help solve organisational challenges from the late 1990s to today.

Matt Kuperholz
Chief Data Scientist - PwC

10:55- 11:20

Data and Analytic Innovations: 5 Lessons from our Customers

Nick Smith
Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand - Informatica

11:20- 11:45

Panel Discussion: Making Analytics Actionable and Driving Value for your Business

Understanding how advanced data analytics can be utilised to tackle business challenges and produce tangible outcomes. How can we empower non-technical analysts to use analytical tools and make better informed judgments? Can democratising data help to break down siloes and lead to a greater data-driven culture?

Stephen Smyth
General Manager Consumer Products - Vodafone Hutchison Australia
Jack Steele
Head of Technology, Data Analysis - ANZ
Liz Moore
Director of Research, Insights and Analytics - Telstra

11:45- 12:20

Moving Your Analytics Capability from the Daily Grind to Your Future Vision

There is no doubt that modernising Business Intelligence and Analytics is on the Strategic agenda of almost all organisations.  Becoming a “data driven organisation” is a goal that many organisations talk about.  We have heard about the success factors that are more prevalent in analytically mature organisations, but how did they get there?  How can… Read more.

Sandra Hogan
Director, Business Analytics Advisory - SAS

12:20- 12:45

Keynote Presentation: How to Build Internal Capabilities for Innovation in a Large Organisation

Building a culture for collaboration and innovation. Discussing what is needed to build and effective analytics environment. How to drive business transformation and differentiated customer experience through data science capability.


12:45- 14:25

Roundtable Lunch: The Data Driven C-Suite – Techniques to Gain Momentum for Your Data Analytics Strategy

It has become quickly apparent to organisations that without someone in the c-suite taking the lead on data analytics, projects rarely gather enough momentum to deliver truly exceptional results. And, since the benefits of data analytics typically span multiple business units, including marketing, risk and business improvement, the c-suite can evolve in a variety of ways…. Read more.

Paul Franks
Director, Financial Services - SAS
Sandra Hogan
Director, Business Analytics Advisory - SAS
Brett Woolley
Head of the Office of the Chief Data Officer - NAB


13:55- 14:30

Discussion Group: Implementing Effective and Actionable Governance – Best Practices

Data integrity: Getting to the roots of enterprise data quality problems and discussing strategies for data cleansing. Successful strategies to champion governance initiatives – how efficient are data stewards and councils? Communicating to all business functions – what are the most effective ways of communicating the importance of compliance to governance standards at grass roots… Read more.

Simon Davies
Data Warehouse Manager - Genworth Australia
Oliver Jonhston Metlife
Oliver Johnston
Head of Business Intelligence and Data Governance - Metlife

14:30- 15:05

Discussion Group: Creating an Architecture for Analytics – Agile & Adaptive

Discussing the ecosystem of data warehouses/lakes/ the cloud, what is needed for an effective analytics environment. What is needed in this new world of analytics, with ever growing data sets, fringe data, upgraded tools and processes and security threats? How do you build the right architecture to handle this whilst remaining agile and adaptive?

Sharmaine Salis
Head of Data Architecture - Seven West Media

15:05- 15:40

Discussion Group: What are the Pain Points when Building a Data Science & Data Analytics Team?

Data Scientist & Engineers, how can you offer them a challenging environment? Are you getting the right mix of Data Science, Data Engineering, and Data Analytics? Nurturing talent: how do you grow and build the right skill set across your team? Are we still chasing Unicorns?

Ricky Barron
Head of Enterprise Insights - Tatts Group


13:55- 14:30

Discussion Group: Practical Experiences on Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Applying predictive analytics – why, when and how. The importance of visualisation throughout the analytics pipeline. Best practices in documenting and reporting analytical insights for key stakeholders.

Yanir Seroussi
Former Head of Data Science - Car Next Door
Steve Lechowicz
Predictive Analytics Leader - Santos

14:30- 15:05

Discussion Group: Operationalising Analytics to Drive Value

Operationalising Analytics: Ways to speed up the time to value of data programs and projects. How to encourage a culture of test and learn with ‘fast-fail’ KPI to foster learning and enable innovation? Sharing experiences on the journey to date, challenges, wins and future direction.

Saxifrage Cucvara
Strategy & Analytics Manager - Gumtree
Belinda Haden
Head of Customer Analytics (APAC) - Verint Systems

15:05- 15:40

Discussion Group: Rolling out an Analytics Framework across the Organisation

Aligning your analytics strategy with key business objectives as well as improving internal efficiencies. Engagement strategies and techniques. How to get the best analysis and interpretation of relevant data? Advocating, championing and selling the benefits and value.

Josh Coulson
Senior Insights Manager - LinkedIn
Kim McFadden
Head of Shopper Insights - Metcash Food & Grocery


13:55- 14:30

Presentation: Smart Strategies – Staying at the Forefront of Data and Technology Innovation

How to drive technology innovation across the enterprise? Are we on the cusp of an AI revolution and what does it mean for business? Striking the right balance between mind and machine in making fast and sophisticated decisions. Where does robotics enter the conversations? Where to focus your attention right now, tomorrow and for the… Read more.

Paul Ormonde-James
Data & Business Intelligence Leader

14:30- 15:05

Presentation: Artificial Intelligence- An Insight into Current Challenges and Innovations

What is Big AI Application: its importance and relevance for your business? How to build successful Big AI application? Challenges and Innovations: Team, Tools, Process and Planning Next Step: Sustainable value gain

Vahid Behbood
Senior Data Scientist - British Telecom

15:05- 15:40

Presentation: From Data Analysis to Data Analytics to Deep Learning and AI – Faster, Better Results, Unique Insight

Overview of Data Analysis, Analytics, Deep Learning and AI concepts. Machine Learning and NVIDIA Deep Learning tools and platforms for beginners, developers, and production. Dive deep into your data – interrogate and visualise faster. Understand your data, discover patterns, predict outcomes, and prescribe actions using MINESET Predictive Analytics Solution How to make the most of your… Read more.

Werner Scholz
Chief Technology Officer and Head of R&D - XENON Technology Group

16:10- 16:35

Successful Analytics Implementation in a K-12 School System

In this presentation, Raju will share the highly successful Educational Analytics Framework and Strategy which was implemented in the Catholic Education Office, Parramatta in 2015, in partnership with MIP Australia. Using a six-lens approach to school effectiveness to develop over 200 visually appealing and user friendly dashboards that blended data in real-time from a range… Read more.


CDAO SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Frameworks First – Building Capability

Showcasing three 15 minute spotlight talks focusing on the essential ingredients of successful data analytics.

16:35- 16:50

Spotlight: Data Governance – A Work in Progress

Developing the strategy to understand, track, monitor and realise value from information and data assets. Setting ownership, governance, and stewardship policies and processes. Achieving effective governance across the complete data lifecycle.


16:50- 17:05

Spotlight: Establishing a New Data and Analytics Function: People, Process, and Technology

Customer attitudes and behaviour are changing, customers are becoming are demanding more personalised service; traditional analytics is facing technological disruption. Analytics teams need to change their operating model in order to respond to changing customer needs, a tough operating environment and new disruptive technologies. How do you transform traditional analytics into high performing data science… Read more.

Glen Ryman
General Manager Data, Analytics & CRM - MLC Life Insurance

17:05- 17:20

Spotlight: Building a Data Environment for Customer Experience

Catering to ANZ’s diverse enterprise needs. Leadership – identifying the challenges educating and synchronising a global data team. Technology that underpins data innovation. Strategy – what data means now and in the future.

Jack Steele
Head of Technology, Data Analysis - ANZ

17:20- 17:45

Champagne Roundtables: Talking the Topics that Matter to you the Most!

Wrap up the day with a highly interactive session allowing for delegates to discuss in-depth experiences, challenges and strategies for success – all over a drink to tie off the day! The moderator will introduce the discussion points and draw on the most interesting points from the audience shared at the round tables over the… Read more.