Main Day 2


09:15- 09:40

Opening Keynote: Solving Problems and Building Trust: the Role of Data in Transforming Organizations

No matter the sector, organizations are looking to science, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to drive change. Approaches are as varied as the communities needing them. Globally, best practices from all sectors suggest a number of actions; data is key to each one. translate the future into targeted “hunches”; unending exploration of solution options; agile technology approaches… Read more.

Chris Vein
Former Chief Innovation Officer at the World Bank & Deputy United States Chief Technology Officer in the White House - World Bank

09:40- 10:05

Keynote Presentation: Delivering a Win-Win for our Members and our Business through Personalisation

A loyalty program can drive measurable business value but customer expectations have never been higher. Success requires a customer 1st approach: a single-minded focus on using data to deliver an ever increasing personalized, 1-to-1 experience. Personalisation provides customers with communications tailored to their individual needs, at a better business return. Our Personalisation Engine – driven… Read more.

Bernard Wilson
GM, Customer Data Analytics & Commercialisation Loyalty - Woolworths Food Group
Steve Cuda
General Manager, Customer Direct Programs - Woolworths Food Group

10:05- 10:30

The Human in the Loop: Providing Present Value with Analytics and Research

The future may belong to machines and automated decision systems, but for the time being we’re still in a human world. Ever-increasing data volumes, velocity, and diversity do not alter the fact that currently, humans are better than machines at asking questions, being imaginative, and pattern recognition in the absolute. On the other hand, machines… Read more.


11:00- 11:25

International Keynote Presentation: From Big Data to Big Value – Building Smarter Organisations

The term ‘Big Data’ has been around for a while, and lots of us certainly have BIG amounts of data… But what are we doing with it? This insightful session illustrates how to derive real business insights for your organisation that can be actioned for competitive advantage. An invaluable case study on moving from insights… Read more.


11:25- 11:50

Enterprise scale self-service with Qlik

A discussion and demonstration of how Qlik enables business users to self service their own analytic needs in a centrally governed way at enterprise scale.

James Belsey
Regional Manager Presales ANZ - Qlik

11:50- 12:15

Keynote Presentation: Advanced Analytical Techniques to derive Insights and Actionable Strategy to drive Performance and Value across the Organisation

Agile Analytics: combining a business problem with a data lab, cross functional team and agile to generate insightful analysis to solve a business problem. A process to create a minimum viable product that resonates with management.

Peter Inge
Head of Actionable Insight - Caltex

12:15- 12:30

Audience Interactive

Delegates are Invited to Ask and Respond to – “What’s the Biggest Challenge You’re Facing Right Now?”

12:30- 14:00

Roundtable Lunch: Women & Diversity in Data

Join a select group for this inspiring discussion around creating a high performing workforce for now and the future. Learn how an environment of inclusivity and diversity not only allows people to flourish but is also crucial in solving today’s business problems. Katarina Kolich will open the discussion with her insights on the challenges and opportunities of diversity… Read more.

Katarina Kolich
Head of Enterprise Data and Information Services - BNZ


13:40- 14:15

Discussion Group: Data Privacy & Ethics

Consent, intent and the moving goal posts around data privacy. Compliance and ethics – how much data and analytics is too much? Update: what are the best practices and industry standards for data governance, framework and policy?

Brett Woolley
Head of the Office of the Chief Data Officer - NAB
John Studley
Lead Partner, Analytics - PwC

14:15- 14:50

Discussion Group: Driving the Data Quality Agenda

Leveraging data stewards and councils to deliver on data quality objectives. Tailoring a data governance program to your organisation. Championing data quality, its value to the organisation through powerful internal branding and simple metrics.

Stuart Brown
Information Standards and Strategy Manager - Sydney Water
Katarina Kolich BNZ
Katarina Kolich
Head of Enterprise Data and Information Services - BNZ

14:50- 15:25

Discussion Group: Extracting Maximum Value from Data Assets

How can data help you make the right business decisions for the right reasons? Monetising your data assets for competitive advantage. How to truly drive insights to action: core ingredients and strategies to deploy.

Marsha Montebello
Insights & Strategy Manager - Bulla Dairy Foods


13:40- 14:15

Discussion Group: Statistics Don’t Lie! Sport in a Data Driven World

Fostering creative ideas and doing things differently to deliver on the club’s primary objectives. Placing entertainment at the heart to drive engagement and improve the game experience. Sharing experiences of the impact of statistics, data science and analytics on and off the sports field.

John Young Central Coast Mariners
John Young
Chief Analyst & Data Scientist - Central Coast Mariners

14:15- 14:50

Discussion Group: Maximising Data Analytics Capabilities to Gain Advanced Customer Insights

Recognising the power of context to utilise data, insights and context and drive advertising success. Exploring how analytics have enabled organisations to better understand customers and their behaviours, so to drive revenue and improve services. Examining how partners can work better to influence customers. Monetisation of customer data – what is its true value?

Sam Granleese
Director of Product & Insights -

14:50- 15:25

Discussion Group: Getting People to Understand the Context of Data Visualisation

Effective data visualisation techniques. Putting data in context to deliver meaning to your audience. Presenting your data to gain buy in from senior management.

Leisa Bacon
Director, Audience and Marketing - Australian Broadcasting Corporation


13:40- 14:15

Presentation: Joining the Dots – The Realities of Delivering Innovation

Developing data-related initiatives with a “fail-fast” approach to engaging the business with innovative practices and culture. Hadoop, Blockchain, Real-time… Navigating the technology arms-race to address business problems without losing sight of the commercial drivers. Building authentic relationships as a powerful, low-risk platform for unleashing potential – one decision at a time.

Blair Husdon Pepper Financial
Blair Hudson
Innovation Portfolio Manager for Data Science - Pepper Money

14:15- 14:50

Presentation: Trends in Open Data

Taking advantage of open data for enterprise. Developing an open data strategy and transformative approach. Data for good – driving the social agenda.

14:50- 15:25

Presentation: Leveraging Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Operationalising the results from advanced analytics and models and putting them in to action. Real time analytics: How to maximise the ROI of Artificial Intelligence. The cognitive era: combining all analytics forms: prescriptive, descriptive and predictive to create a cognitive solution.

John Young Central Coast Mariners
John Young
Chief Analyst & Data Scientist - Central Coast Mariners

15:55- 16:30

Keynote Talent Panel: The Art of Building a High Performing Data Analytics Teams

Recruiting the best fit for your organisation, whilst keeping diversity in mind. What does equality look like? Nurturing: how to challenge your data analytics team intellectually, fostering growth, trust and confidence. Growing talent: what are the best training programs? Is there a need to tailor courses within Australia to bridge the talent gap? Examining the… Read more.

David Thomas
Chief Analytics Officer - Bank of New Zealand
Giulio Katis
Managing Director, Head of Financial Markets eCommerce - Westpac