Make the most of the small group learning environment to get more from your expert facilitator and walk away from this session with a tailor made action plan that addresses precisely your challenges. These in-depth, expert-led Masterclasses tackle some of your thorniest challenges and offer a great opportunity to get some really practical tools to implement back in the office.

Choose up to 2 Masterclass options from: A or B and D or C.


09:00- 12:00

Masterclass A: Effective Frameworks for Data Governance and Quality

As you well know, informing and guiding various business divisions across the organisation of a) the importance of and b) how to actually elevate the value of critical customer data is an enormous undertaking. This masterclass will take you through the core principles that underpin best practice data governance and data quality. Supported with practical… Read more.

Michelle Pinheiro
Director of Intellectual Property and Data Governance - IAG

09:00- 12:00

Masterclass B: Driving a Data Driven Problem Solving Culture

Are your business decisions based on data, or rather gut feel? Do you leverage data to determine the future direction of the business or to analyse events that have passed? In order to truly put data at the heart of everything you do, you need to have a culture that supports that shift in thinking…. Read more.

Stephen Smyth
General Manager Consumer Products - Vodafone Hutchison Australia

13:00- 16:00

Masterclass C: Evolving your Analytical Systems to find Actionable Business Insights and Reveal Key Customer Understanding

Competition drives customer-centricity. With organisations seeking to deliver personalised experiences and product offerings a greater understanding of their needs is the starting point. Topics include: Using data to gain insight into your customers behaviour. Sharing strategies to maximise your use of data analytics to understand consumer preferences, drive revenue and improve client services. Utilising customer… Read more.

Christian Bowman
General Manager - CX & Innovation - Ladbrokes

13:00- 16:00

Masterclass D: Roadmap: Getting Started with Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Are you keen to start leveraging the latest technologies available in advanced analytics and machine learning but just not quite sure how to get started? You aren’t alone. There are certain fundamentals that you need to understand about these tools in order to apply them appropriately to your own business problems. This session equips you… Read more.

Steve Lechowicz
Predictive Analytics Leader - Santos