Brett Woolley

Brett Woolley

Job Title: Head of the Office of the Chief Data Officer

Company: NAB

Brett Woolley is the Head of the Office Of The CDO  and is accountable for the execution of the Information, Data and Insight Strategy within the National Australia Bank that he lead the development of in his prior role.   This strategy focuses the organisation on the economic imperative of good information management practices and devolving accountability to those that can impact the required outcomes the most.

A thirty plus year veteran of the IT industry, Brett has spent the last 8 years providing the architectural direction on the bank’s transformation of the information, finance and risk capabilities within the Bank.   Prior to this Brett, spent 20 years in a variety of roles within IBM and 5 years as a principal in a specialist enterprise strategy and architecture consulting firm.  Throughout this time, Brett has structured and driven significant changes in a variety of industries focusing on the application of technology and cultural change to drive or underpin business transformation.

Brett holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Arts (Management).

Speaking at the following:

12:45 - 14:25
Roundtable Lunch: The Data Driven C-Suite – Techniques to Gain Momentum for Your Data Analytics Strategy

It has become quickly apparent to organisations that without someone in the c-suite taking the lead on data analytics, projects rarely gather enough momentum to deliver truly exceptional results. And, since the benefits of data analytics typically span multiple business units, including marketing, risk and business improvement, the c-suite can evolve in a variety of ways…. Read more.

13:40 - 14:15
Discussion Group: Data Privacy & Ethics

Consent, intent and the moving goal posts around data privacy. Compliance and ethics – how much data and analytics is too much? Update: what are the best practices and industry standards for data governance, framework and policy?