Chandler T Wilson

Chief Data & Analytics Officer Sydney

Chandler T Wilson

Job Title: Director of Analytics and Insights for Corporate Affairs

Company: Walmart USA

Chandler has global experience spearheading artificial intelligence, data, and strategy efforts at large corporations, SMEs, and governments. His day to day is working with both business leaders and or quants across Walmart’s enterprise piloting and evangelizing new technology, and upskilling the organisation on embedding machine intelligence at all stages of decision-making & strategy.




Speaking at the following:

09:10 - 09:35
International Keynote Address: Machine Learning and Deep Learning – Creating the Perfect Storm in an Increasingly Competitive Market

Examining the market, technological and theological advances that have occurred and sparked renewed interest in Machine Learning. Examining the exciting opportunities and pitfalls presented by Machine and Deep Learning, as well as Artificial Intelligence – exploring their practical applications for your business. Constantly evolving and learning – exploring the ways in which Machine learning can be… Read more.

10:00 - 10:35
Keynote Leaders Spotlight Panel: Operationalise and Monetise… Putting Data to Work Top Tips on the Data Analytics Journey Revealed & Audience Interactive

Key industry figures offer their insights, thoughts and practical tips for data focused transformation, tangible leadership and the real story behind generating a coalition of the data-focused willing.