Chris Vein

Chris Vein

Job Title: Former Chief Innovation Officer at the World Bank & Deputy United States Chief Technology Officer in the White House

Company: World Bank

Chris is a published speaker on Digital Innovation in Australia, the US and globally. Chris is the former Chief Innovation Officer for Global ICT Development at The World Bank in Washington, DC. Prior to this Chris was Deputy United States Chief Technology Officer in the White House during the Obama administration and Chief Information Officer for San Francisco.

Chris most recently was the CEO of Dome Advisory Services in Sonoma, CA, USA. In this role, he was asked by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to inject innovation into the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through their innovation hub (iXc) and asked by the U.S. Department of State to help build out innovation ecosystems in the Middle East.

Speaking at the following:

09:15 - 09:40
Opening Keynote: Solving Problems and Building Trust: the Role of Data in Transforming Organizations

No matter the sector, organizations are looking to science, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to drive change. Approaches are as varied as the communities needing them. Globally, best practices from all sectors suggest a number of actions; data is key to each one. translate the future into targeted “hunches”; unending exploration of solution options; agile technology approaches… Read more.