Christian Bowman

Christian Bowman

Job Title: General Manager - CX & Innovation

Company: Ladbrokes

Christian Bowman has been General Manager – CX & Innovation at Ladbrokes Australia since early 2016, in this role he is responsible for ensuring the brand’s marketing and digital strategies offer consumers have a seamless experience across all touch-points. Christian has been helping organisations for over 14 years to solve the business problems of today and the dilemmas of tomorrow. Using a unique mix of creative thinking, digital intelligence he has experience in executing marketing and digital strategy.

Prior to Ladbrokes Australia, Christian enjoyed a tenure as Head of Marketing and Digital at SmartClinics, a network of modern family health clinics. Christian was also the first CDO in the not-for-profit sector in Australia when he joined the RSPCA Queensland as their Chief Digital Officer in 2013. Previous to that, Christian was the Digital Strategy Manager for Bond University for three years.

Speaking at the following:

13:00 - 16:00
Masterclass C: Evolving your Analytical Systems to find Actionable Business Insights and Reveal Key Customer Understanding

Competition drives customer-centricity. With organisations seeking to deliver personalised experiences and product offerings a greater understanding of their needs is the starting point. Topics include: Using data to gain insight into your customers behaviour. Sharing strategies to maximise your use of data analytics to understand consumer preferences, drive revenue and improve client services. Utilising customer… Read more.