Giulio Katis

Giulio Katis

Job Title: Managing Director, Head of Financial Markets eCommerce

Company: Westpac

As Head of eCommerce, Giulio Katis is responsible for creating a digitally enabled and data-driven Financial Markets business, transforming the way the trading and sales units operate and service Westpac clients. E-facilitation and technology is transforming Financial Markets and bringing down traditional barriers of entry, testing the business model of many incumbents. To stay relevant to its customers, Giulio and his team are ensuring that Westpac can provide the right self-service offerings for customers; that the bank is able to connect to more marketplaces (and direct with customers via API); and that through automation and data the bank can achieve high levels of efficiency and efficacy in its trading and sales processes. At the same time, Giulio, along with the rest of the Financial Markets Leadership Team, are ensuring investment in the right types of capabilities will create a digitally engaged, enabled and connected workforce able to provide a higher level of customer service and markets advice.

Recently Giulio has taken an interest in how Distributed Ledgers and related technologies may create a step-change in the way firms can interoperate with one another, with public bodies, and with their customers. He is active in the R3 Distributed Ledger Group (comprising a global consortium of banks). Though the concepts (let alone technologies) are still very much evolving, Giulio believes it is important for banks to understand how the creation of ‘shared technologies’ to solve shared problems, how the full digitisation of legally binding agreements between firms (or individuals), and how the future of digital identity might deeply transform eCommerce in the medium to long term.

Giulio joined Westpac in 2009, and before his current position he held roles in Westpac including Chief Product Officer for FX, Global Head of Electronic Execution & Pricing, and Head of Quantitative Trading. Prior to joining Westpac he worked at Barclays Global Investors (BGI) as a Portfolio Manager, Strategist and Senior Researcher, reporting both to the BGI Australia CEO and the Global Head of Global Macro Research (San Francisco). Before moving to the world of finance, Giulio held research fellow roles at the University of Sydney and at l’Università degli Studi dell’Insubria (Como, Italy), developing mathematical models to assist in the design and reasoning about distributed systems. He has a PhD in Pure Mathematics.

Giulio is married to Vicki and has three young daughters.

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