Sophie Higgins

Sophie Higgins

Job Title: Assistant Director - Regulation and Strategy

Company: Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)

Sophie Higgins is the Assistant Director of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s (OAIC), Regulation and Strategy Branch. She joined the Office of the Privacy Commissioner in 2008.
Sophie’s team is responsible for the OAIC’s regulatory and strategic policy response to privacy issues across a number of areas, particularly in technology, credit and international.
Examples of Sophie’s other work includes close involvement in the privacy law reform and implementation process including in the development of the Australian Privacy Principles Guidelines; advising External Dispute Resolution schemes on the operation of consumer credit reporting requirements; and developing submissions on the operation of consent-based privacy regulatory models in the context of complex information handling practices.

Speaking at the following:

13:40 - 14:15
Discussion Group: Data Privacy & Ethics

Consent, intent and the moving goal posts around data privacy. Compliance and ethics – how much data and analytics is too much? Update: what are the best practices and industry standards for data governance, framework and policy?