John Young

John Young Central Coast Mariners

John Young

Job Title: Chief Analyst & Data Scientist

Company: Central Coast Mariners

Speaking at the following:

13:40 - 14:15
Discussion Group: Statistics Don’t Lie! Sport in a Data Driven World

Fostering creative ideas and doing things differently to deliver on the club’s primary objectives. Placing entertainment at the heart to drive engagement and improve the game experience. Sharing experiences of the impact of statistics, data science and analytics on and off the sports field.

14:50 - 15:25
Presentation: Leveraging Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Operationalising the results from advanced analytics and models and putting them in to action. Real time analytics: How to maximise the ROI of Artificial Intelligence. The cognitive era: combining all analytics forms: prescriptive, descriptive and predictive to create a cognitive solution.