Kapil Gupta [Live Link]

Kapil Gupta [Live Link]

Job Title: Data Science Leader

Company: Airbnb Inc USA

Kapil Gupta is a data science leader at Airbnb in San Francisco. He leads multiple data science teams focussed on enabling trust at global scale. He specializes in payments, pricing, fraud prevention, and business travel. The data products built by his team enables frictionless booking experience, so when guest and host meet, all they have to do is say “Hello”. Prior to Airbnb, he has worked at PayPal and a financial advisory firm valuing companies for M&A and patents for litigation. He holds Ph.D. in Operations Research from Georgia Tech and B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, India.

Speaking at the following:

11:00 - 11:25
International Keynote Presentation: From Big Data to Big Value – Building Smarter Organisations

The term ‘Big Data’ has been around for a while, and lots of us certainly have BIG amounts of data… But what are we doing with it? This insightful session illustrates how to derive real business insights for your organisation that can be actioned for competitive advantage. An invaluable case study on moving from insights… Read more.