Prateek Jain

Chief Data & Analytics Officer Sydney

Prateek Jain

Job Title: Head of Technology

Company: eHarmony USA

Prateek Jain oversees all Engineering and Operations functions as VP of Technology at eharmony.  Under his leadership, eHarmony revamped its recommendations infrastructure, enabling the application of Machine Learning algorithms at scale. Prateek also led Engineering efforts for Elevated Careers, a careers product developed by eHarmony. Prior to starting at eharmony, Prateek spent time at Canon building cloud based Image data processing systems, and at Siemens (now Nokia Networks) working on Network Management systems.
Prateek holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications from VTU, India.  His interests include Distributed systems, Applied Machine learning and Computer networks.

Speaking at the following:

09:10 - 09:35
International Keynote Address: Why Data Analytics is the Key Ingredient to eHarmony’s Laws

Leveraging various data driven techniques to improve attraction models. Exploring how data analytics and machine learning underpins eHarmony’s 4 levels of matching.

10:00 - 10:35
Keynote Leaders Spotlight Panel: Operationalise and Monetise… Putting Data to Work Top Tips on the Data Analytics Journey Revealed & Audience Interactive

Key industry figures offer their insights, thoughts and practical tips for data focused transformation, tangible leadership and the real story behind generating a coalition of the data-focused willing.