Siamak Tafavogh

Siamak Tafavogh

Job Title: Lead Data Scientist

Company: Coca Cola Amatil

Speaking at the following:

14:30 - 15:05
Discussion Group: Creating an Architecture for Analytics – Agile & Adaptive

Discussing the ecosystem of data warehouses/lakes/ the cloud, what is needed for an effective analytics environment. What is needed in this new world of analytics, with ever growing data sets, fringe data, upgraded tools and processes and security threats? How do you build the right architecture to handle this whilst remaining agile and adaptive?

15:55 - 16:30
Keynote Talent Panel: The Art of Building a High Performing Data Analytics Teams

Recruiting the best fit for your organisation, whilst keeping diversity in mind. What does equality look like? Nurturing: how to challenge your data analytics team intellectually, fostering growth, trust and confidence. Growing talent: what are the best training programs? Is there a need to tailor courses within Australia to bridge the talent gap? Examining the… Read more.