Werner Scholz

Werner Scholz

Job Title: Chief Technology Officer and Head of R&D

Company: XENON Technology Group

Werner is always looking for the best technologies and solutions
With a background in nanotechnology and expertise in computational science and high performance computing systems, Werner brings his experience from leading edge research and development organizations in Europe and the US to Xenon. At Xenon he is responsible for product design, research and development and the technical team, who delivers Xenon’s new products and solutions.
Werner has more than 15 years experience with high performance computing systems – from individual workstations and storage servers to massively parallel HPC clusters and large storage systems. He is also the developer of an open source finite element simulation package, which uses MPI, OpenMP, and GPU parallelization techniques. It is in used by academic and industrial research organizations around the world.
Werner has a PhD in physics from the Vienna University of Technology in Austria, where he specialized in computational physics and magnetic materials. He is the author of more than 80 journal articles in the area of computational physics and magnetic nanostructures and co-inventor of 12 patents related to magnetic storage technologies.

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