Yanir Seroussi

Yanir Seroussi

Job Title: Former Head of Data Science

Company: Car Next Door

Yanir is an experienced data scientist and software engineer with a strong background in computer science, programming, machine learning, and statistics. His work spans the full spectrum from solving isolated data problems to building production systems that serve millions of users, having produced top results in various areas such as recommender systems, text mining, predictive modelling, and personalisation. In the five years since completing his PhD with Monash University, Yanir has helped shape the data science and engineering direction of several tech startups, where he held hands-on leadership positions. Most recently, Yanir was the Head of Data Science at Car Next Door, where he led a move away from ad-hoc reporting to more holistic data solutions, and helped the company become more intelligently data-driven. He is now on a mini-sabbatical before moving on to his next role.

Speaking at the following:

13:55 - 14:30
Discussion Group: Practical Experiences on Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Applying predictive analytics – why, when and how. The importance of visualisation throughout the analytics pipeline. Best practices in documenting and reporting analytical insights for key stakeholders.